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How to view youtube.com in  Pakistan, the answare is eassy just go tu the website and you would be rediractid to Youtube.com It Play in a high speed but you havent need any extra things just go


They website is only for educational purposes usage please uses it for what it is


  1. Not able to run it Man :(

  2. This is very interesting that i can open YouTube from my work as in start it was hard to open YouTube because my office network administrator has blocked YouTube but i can easily access YouTube from my work its just rocking. access youtube at school

  3. Opening youtube was a difficult task for some individuals to know that How to Open Youtube and Unblock Websites Access in Pakistan while looking inside of it people thought to bring new ways to access youtube.

  4. but videos not playing. :( its say error occurred.

  5. It is easy to watch or unblock YouTube in pakistan. For this purpose you can use a free proxy site like aunblock.com etc.

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  7. Nice Post Now Unblock youtube in Pakistan without proxy software or website.
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  8. youtube open in Pakistan in shape of http://www.nicktube.com